Our Mission

Purcell Preschool + Daycare’s mission is to create accessible and inclusive early-learning and childcare programs in a safe, respectful, and engaging environment. Guided by BC’s Early Learning Framework, we are dedicated to creating a foundation for children to successfully transition into the K-12 education system.

Our Philosophy

Purcell Preschool will provide a safe, happy and healthy learning environment that nurtures the physical, social and emotional well-being of participating children.

We will implement a balanced program to support each child’s unique developmental needs and cultivate a warm, caring environment that nurtures each child’s self-image, confidence and independence.

Our Approach

To engage our early learners in a constructive and supportive manner, Purcell Preschool will cultivate educational opportunities and pursue learning outcomes that reference and reflect the K-12 curriculum’s Core Competencies.

We will engage these intellectual, personal, and social/emotional proficiencies in a variety of contexts and apply the First Peoples Principles of Learning to focus on sustainability and reflect the importance of both Indigenous and international education to 21st-century learning and life.

Our Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that Purcell Preschool sits on the traditional, ancestral homeland of the Ktunaxa peoples. Our neighbours, friends, and partners are members of the ʔaq̓am Community.

We are grateful for the opportunity to live, learn, and work on this special land for this important purpose: to connect our educational environment to the natural environment, fostering learning and inspiring leadership in the Ktunaxa way – as keepers of the land and waters.

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Purcell Preschool is open to children aged 6 months – 5+ years in three cohorts:  a Conventional Preschool/Daycare Program, a Forest Preschool Program, and an Infant-Toddler program.


Our dedicated team of early-learning professionals is experienced, enthusiastic, and incredibly talented. They cultivate a care and learning environment that is engaging, educational, and fun!

We are always available to answer any questions, and welcome parents and caregivers to come and meet our staff!


The former Meadowbrook Elementary School is an ideal location for a preschool and daycare! The classrooms are bright and spacious and, with a purpose-built and elementary-oriented gymnasium, children benefit from feeling like “big kids” at their own school.